that smile. #snuggledog

despite the seriously inconvenient timing of the rain last night… this was not so bad this AM. #nofilter #cantseethedouble

Aunt Waters sent four flavored tennis balls in the mail today. #snuggledog is pleased. human is not.

how to make friends at work.

in the 13 hours since it was gifted to her as a part of Birthday 2.0, Wookiee hasn’t left her side. who knew #snuggledog was a Star Wars fan? (at Life’s A Beach)

birthday 2.0. still haven’t learned to share. (at Texas De Brazil - Ft. Lauderdale)

caught again. #snuggledog (at Life’s A Beach)

nighttime walk around the neighborhood with the #snuggledog (at Life’s A Beach)

the ears. the rain. the ears.

this is her “oh crap, you caught me sleeping in your spot… but I don’t really care” face. #snuggledog