sad #snuggledog just wants tired Human to play.

look at those creepers photobombing us. (at Miami Palm Restaurant)

Texas is super excited about his lobster, yet defiant enough to refuse his bib. #rebel (at Miami Palm Restaurant)

not only does the dog NOT clean up after herself, she apparently has a slight hoarding problem. #snuggledog

spotted: a #snuggledog resting after slaying a vicious shark. #snuggledogs protect their humans from ferocious beasts no matter what.

can’t bring myself to turn off the reminder. 😳 #missmypeople

oh, ok. is there a cure?

at Atlantic Ave - Delray Beach

in case you were wondering… life sucks. @randirussell84 @coolhandluke9 (at Atlantic Ave - Delray Beach)

that’s my girl. #snuggledog #quicklikeagazelle